Russeks was founded in the early 1900’s in New York City as a fur store. Later the store evolved into a department store on fashionable Fifth Avenue selling furs and women’s clothing. The Russeks store which was located at 1448 Woodward in Detroit was owned by Robert Grier and was part of the Russeks stores of New York. The president of the New York stores was a partner in the Detroit store with Grier, however after Grier bought him out, he authorized continued use of the Russeks' name.

According to a Russeks' ads that ran in Detroit, they carried “exquisite I. Miller footwear, accessories, gowns, fine furs, coats and millinery.” The store was considered to be one of the elegant women’s stores, and was comparable to Himelhoch’s, B. Siegel, and Sax Kay.


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